Christ The King Church

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$50,000 USD Raised

Christ The King Church

Why We Need Your Help

Fundraising for Social Change

Your support helps improve lives:
Empowering Rural Women and Girls, Schools, Churches, Vocational Training, Community Centers, Play Grounds, Clean Drinking Water

The contgregation worshiping under a a crowded shed that does not protect against weather.

A Safe Place of Worship

The congregation continues to celebrate the Holy Eucharist under a shed that does not withstand bad weather. Your donation will help complete the construction and furnishing of an adequate space of worship.

Strengthening the Congregation

Strengthen the Congregation

With multiple sects dividing the community, the church finds it extremely difficult to unite its followers and spread its message. The new structure will provide much needed shelter and space to serve and grow the congregation.

Help spread the word and continue positive social change

Spread the Word

The completed church will stand as a testiment to the word and works of God, allowing the faithful to spread the word within Togo and beyond.

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